The Download

TPlayer's current version is V1R10. TPlayer is certified spyware and nagware free.

Download TPlayer V1R10 setup program (~670Kb) with uninstall. Launch the TPlayerSetup program then follow onscreen instructions. Please, uninstall any previous version before launching the setup program.

Thank you for your interest in TPlayer and as always...
Keep on mixing!

Please, help keep TPlayer free by making a donation to the author.  Your contributions will be much appreciated and use to build a better TPlayer the way you want it to be.

Thank you



Download WinHtmlPlaylist Freeware zip file (no setup, no uninstall).
Just unzip and launch the program to generate a playlist in M3U format into HTML.
Simply drop any M3U playlist into the program window to generate the HTML file (playlist.htm will be created in the same folder where the program is launched.)
Style customizable in external cascading style sheet (playlist.css)

Download RecDemo created by Francois Piette to record the audio output produced by TPlayer.

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