The Main Window and The Screen Shots

Now, you understand why it's called TPlayer, because of its T shape appearance.

TPlayer has two independent players that can play simultaneously on any regular PC sound card without any additional expensive hardware. TPlayer's uses the latest Microsoft's DirectX technology and standard DirectX filters to achieve impeccable sound reproduction without any pops or clicks.

With TPlayer's own explorer like Songlist, all the different albums and songs from the same artist are properly grouped together in a folder/file fashion for quick and easy access.

TPlayer can display bitmap images onto the background of the players. You may visit the Image Gallery to view some other screen shots with different background images.

Here's a brief description of what information can be seen on the main window:

  • Real time Vu meters and peak level indicators or Waveform display.
  • Playing song remaining percentage, elapsed time, playing time, start/end time.
  • Volume, Balance, Crossfader, Pitch and Seek slider bars.
  • Songlist with artists grouped together and each individual albums and songs underneath.
  • Automix Playlist and Control buttons: Settings, Start/Stop, Load Next/Previous song.
  • Standard Player Controls: Play, Pause, Stop, To Monitor/Master device, Start/End selection.

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